After much deliberation, and with apologies to all my partners & followers alike, I think it’s time to call it on this blog for a while (as well as a few others). There won’t be any straight up deletion to speak of, but as of this post I am putting Inara on an INDEFINITE HIATUS until such a time as her muse returns and I have the time for her. 

I honestly hate that I have to do this, but the fact of the matter is I have too many blogs for any one person to juggle, and trying to do so stresses me out—which’ll only get worse now that the summer is over and my classes have begun. So I’ve finally reached the point where I have enough resolve to put a handful of my muses on official hiatus. If anyone feels the need to unfollow so I’m not clogging up your following count, I’ll certainly not hold it against you. 

Otherwise, anybody who wants to keep in touch or write with me on another muse is more than welcome to come find me on either Sigyn or Katniss, as they’re the only two blogs I’m 100% sure I’ll be keeping active for the time being. 

Let us not squander it
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              g i l d e d [adj.]:
  having a pleasing or showy appearance that
      conceals something of little worth

                         indie Alistair. Dragon Age. Semi-selective.

                    & she was

                              b e a u t i f u l ;

                    the way                   things
                                  [ DEADLY ]

                          always are.


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anonymous asked: Lagertha or Athelstan?

The Four Seasons


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